Commitment to the Environment

Hotel Botanico is highly conscious of its’ environment and aware of its’ importance as a touristic destination. Hence the fundamental aim of our business being to provide the best facilities and services with minimum environmental impact. We have consequently officially committed to be an example in complying with all the principles of Sustainable Development.

Based on this, we have implemented an integrated procedure system, rooted on the UNE-EN ISO 14001, EMAS Regulation, UNE-EN ISO 9001, TRAVELIFE, BIOSPHERE HOTEL standards, thereby assuming a
commitment to continuous improvement in the field of environmental procedures, of the quality and of the tourism responsibility in general.
The implantation of these systems entails as a starting cornerstone the guarantee of constant compliance with the legal requirements and regulations, applicable to us as a result of our activity, as well as the continuous fulfilment of the requirements of our customers to ensure their maximum satisfaction.

By accepting and assuming the principles of the World Charter of Sustainable Tourism, our establishment commits to establish and apply the measures which permit the sustainable development of our business through the balance of costs, social benefits, environmental and economic benefits with positive results for our society.

To complete this important task, the environmental and social variable is integrated into all our actions, such as the planning of new improvement projects, the provision of a service,… which allows us to carry them out with the least possible environmental and social impact, guaranteeing environmental quality, economic progress and the conservation of natural values.

Another aspect that we consider for the development of our activities is the socio-cultural, as we believe that our tourist destination is enriched by the culture, the traditions, the gastronomy and the idiosyncrasies of its people. It is hence paramount for us, that all our guests get acquainted with it and experience it.

This leads Hotel Botánico to establish a commitment that responds to social and environmental demands and ensures sustainable development, based on the following principles:

1. Respect the environment as a primary goal.
2. Promote the reuse, recycling and waste management in an environmentally friendly manner.
3. Rationalize the consumption of energy and natural resources, through energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.
4. Periodically supervise the application of and compliance with existing legislation and regulations, as well as other requirements to which the organization subscribes, in order to prevent contamination.
5. Maintain a Management System in accordance with our sustainability and quality policy and ensure to control and evaluate its degree of compliance.
6. Make our suppliers, subcontractors, employees, customers and the rest of society part of, and active participants in our Sustainable Management System.
7. Raise awareness and adequately train all hotel employees on a continuous basis, through courses and training programmes aiming to improve the quality and the environment.
8. Inform our customers about our principles on Sustainable Development and the actions we carry out to preserve the environment.
9. Systematically assess the impact of the hotel’s activity on the destination by establishing a process of continuous improvement of the environmental, economic, social and customer satisfaction aspects, based on the objectives and goals set by the Hotel Management.
10. Periodically evaluate and update our objectives and goals, as well as review, modify and adapt our Management System to the reality of the establishment and destination.

The EMASIII chart below indicates the evolution of the impact associated to our activity, considering the number of employees

As part of our commitment to the local community and our corporate social responsibility, in March 2017 the following training action took place.
Staff members of Hotel Botanico, along with their families, participated in a reforestation action of part of the “Barranco de la Hondura” in the municipality of La Orotava; an action framed within the program of cleaning the riverbed of the ravine and the stabilization of the hydrographic basin with vegetation cover. This action was completed by a workshop on the characteristics of the local flora species and their importance for the local environment.