A hotel that loves the environment and lives true to its name, “Botanico”. Guests have always been very impressed by the fact that we are firmly committed to protecting the environment and conserving nature.

We strive to apply this management philosophy in all of our initiatives. Thanks to our strong dedication, Hotel Botanico has remained at the forefront of environmental awareness and assumed the commitments of the Global Letter on Sustainable Tourism. With the ISO-14001 and Biosphere Hotels certifications, it is the first hotel associated with the “Leading Hotels of the World” to receive the TUI Umwelt Champion Environmental Award that confirms its ranking as the best hotel in the world in terms of environmental management.

All of our renovations and expansions are based on environmental and energy efficiency principles. Our environmental commitment goes even further because we promote the cleanest methods for producing the energy that is consumed. As a result, we have participated in a photovoltaic solar energy project with the Tenerife Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy to completely fund the installation of a 700,000 watt photovoltaic park as part of the first stage. However, the environmental aspects that concern us are not limited to just energy matters. We are also committed to water savings, so the water used in the pools is reused for the gardens and the golf course. We also use treated waste water for the sprinkler system in the garden have installed a water savings system in the drinking water network (taps and toilets) to reduce the consumption of this scarce resource in Tenerife. We are gradually replacing the halogen lamps with low-consumption alternatives, and we are also installing a modern and efficient solid waste management system. At this time, we are exploring innovative ways of managing pruning waste.