Discover our famous botanical gardens 

Can you picture your next holiday at the best luxury hotel in the Canary Islands with its own 25,000 m2 garden? You no longer have to imagine this. Welcome to Hotel Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz and to one of the best botanical gardens in Tenerife and the Canary Islands!

Our hotel is named after the nearby Botanical Garden that was built by the order of Carlos III in 1788. The hotel currently has its own garden that covers 25,000 m2. This idyllic setting is filled with private corners that feature an array of trees, plants and a small pond with carp. It’s perfect for relaxing or taking a short walk at any hour.

The trickling sound of the water fountains, the manicured paths and the wooden bridges come together to create a marvellous setting that invites guests to relax and meditate.

The perfect place for a stroll or a wedding 

The nest of two elegant black swans, a school of Japanese koi carp and the lush vegetation with more than 200 different plant and tree species have transformed our private garden into one of the loveliest botanical gardens in the Canary Islands. The perfect setting for weddings and events.

For longer walks or hikes, ask us for maps so you may enjoy the amazing nature of the Orotava Valley.

Would you like to discover why our botanical garden is considered to be one of the best in the Canary Islands? See it for yourself!