Loro Parque

In Puerto de la Cruz, only 7 minutes from Hotel Botanico, be sure to visit the incredible and internationally renowned Loro Parque animal park, which is also the most beloved tourist attraction of the Canary Islands. This natural paradise will help you create unforgettable memories of your holiday. Loro Parque awaits with extraordinary experiences and carefully recreated natural habitats that will take you directly to the animal kingdom. Loro Parque is one of the leading animal parks in the world, and the word that best defines it is “excellence”. As the best in Europe, it is also the most award-winning zoo in Spain and the recipient of the prestigious Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence.

You will discover the Antarctic at Planet Penguin, which houses an iceberg and hundreds of penguins. Visit Orca Ocean and witness the strength of the orcas (bred in captivity at the SeaWorld facility in the United States) at the only reserve in Spain, or be amazed by the acrobatic tricks of dolphins in one of the most prized and admired shows in Europe. The sea lions will make you laugh with their jokes and skills, and be sure to stop by the adorable parrot show. As you walk along the winding paths through lush vegetation, you will discover birds and animals from every corner of the world. At Katandra Treetops, another great attraction, you’ll see hundreds of spectacular birds fly from tree to tree, at eye level!   Loro Parque has all of this and more.

In 2008, Loro Parque inaugurated a spectacular water park on the southern end of the island. “Siam Park, The Water Kingdom” is a new generation of water parks that will revolutionise the concept of theme parks around the world. To visit both parks, you can enjoy a “Twin Ticket” at a special price.

Location: 7 minutes or 3.5 km

Siam Park

Siam Park is Europe’s largest water park. It features exclusive facilities for any occasion, including two idyllic islands—Koh Chang (Elephant Island) and Koh Yai (Big Island)—surrounded by the slow river and each with room for up to 200 people, an amphitheatre for 1,500 attendees, and Siam Beach, the perfect setting for parties and dinners, with white sand, turquoise water and space for more than 3,500 guests (banquet). Concerts, product presentations, business dinners, surfing exhibitions, etc.

Location: 55 minutes or 98 km


Playing golf in Tenerife is twice as special. On the one hand, the island’s spectacular climate makes it possible to play golf in perfect conditions nearly every day of the year. On the other hand, the nine magnificent golf courses combine high-quality facilities with exceptional locations. Golf enthusiasts will discover that some of the golf courses in Tenerife boast panoramic views of the stunning Mount Teide, and others overlook the Atlantic Ocean, accompanied by the constant sound of waves. To top it off, the absence of long distances makes it easy to reach the golf courses from just about anywhere on the island, allowing guests to try them all, even on a short holiday.

Location: 20 minutes or 18 km

Sun and Sand

Tenerife’s many beaches are an example of the extraordinary natural diversity that exists on the island. Playa Jardín beach in Puerto de la Cruz is one of the most popular beaches that is famous for the volcanic origin of its shore. This lovely beach, which is surrounded by exotic gardens and leisure areas, also has all types of services. The area around Puerto de la Cruz is great for a swim at one of the smaller beaches or in the natural pools that were created by the lava rivers that made their way to the sea in past eruptions. Some beaches are very lively, easily accessible by anyone and feature all types of services, and others are more solitary and hidden away. Some are peaceful and perfect for a relaxing family outing, and others are virtually untouched and a favourite for surfers. The marine currents of the Atlantic guarantee pure and clean water at all the beaches.

Location: 5 minutes or 2.5 km

Scuba Diving

El Cardumen, an excellent scuba diving centre, is located in Puerto de la Cruz and only two minutes from the fishing pier. The experienced local staff is intimately familiar with the spectacular underwater world. The centre is open daily and has two boats that feature all the navigation and safety measures. This centre offers PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) courses for all levels as well as equipment rentals, sales and repairs.

Location: 5 minutes or 2.5 km


Thanks to Tenerife’s extraordinarily clear skies, the island is home to an important international astrophysical institute that includes a number of observatories and telescopes. However, the exceptional observation conditions of the Canary peaks are available to anyone, not just the scientists from all over the world who use these facilities. It’s easy and incredibly gratifying to emulate these scientists during a holiday. There are many organized excursions for this type of activity, but it can also be done independently. On certain dates, countless enthusiasts make their way to Mount Teide National Park to witness meteor showers, including the yearly Perseids and Leonids.

Location: 55 minutes or 35 km


Horseback riding routes in Tenerife travel along mountain landscapes, old royal pathways and the coast. This is a different yet fantastic way to discover the island whilst enjoying a nature-filled holiday. Many businesses offer horseback riding alternatives that range from riding on your own, with a guide, or in small groups, as well as multi-day adventures.

Location: 20 minutes or 20 km


Tenerife’s trails cover a wide array of settings, climates, atmospheres and degrees of difficulty. Exploring them is a way to gain insightful knowledge of the island, fully appreciate its beauty and discover the way of life of locals, including the “Guanches” (original inhabitants). These residents carved out the earliest routes through dense laurisilva forests or towards the grazing lands near the Teide.

Location: 20 minutes or 20 km


Tenerife has close to 40 different take-off areas for the endless enjoyment of paragliding enthusiasts from all over Europe. The variety of flight zones, which are located a short distance from each other, along with the possibility of engaging in this activity nearly every day of the year thanks to the island’s amazing climate, are two strong appeals. Also, since this sport is extremely popular in Tenerife, there are many clubs that offer courses, information (which is essential for understanding how the changing winds affect flight safety) and the possibility of signing up for tandem flights as a simple way of getting started.

Location: 15 minutes or 10 km 


To make your stay at Hotel Botanico even better, you can hit the shops at one of the many shopping centres located throughout the island and enjoy the island’s tax perks. The region’s strong merchant past is visible in every corner of Tenerife, with areas focused on this type of business in our small fishing town of Puerto de la Cruz, in La Laguna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (25 km), and in the capital, Santa Cruz (35 km). The many high-quality shops and malls can transform a day of shopping into a gratifying experience. The island’s shopping scene features top international brands at irresistible prices.


The Puerto de la Cruz Casino is located inside the emblematic Lago Martiánez swimming pool complex, one of the most popular places in the city that paved the way for tourism in the Canary Islands. The variety of leisure activities has made it one of the most striking centres in Tenerife as well as a point of reference along the coastline’s transformation. The Casino’s game room offers a wide range of alternatives for exciting and original evenings. The professional staff manage the game tables where customers play American roulette, black jack and poker.

Location: 5 minutes or 2 km